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School Information

Hollywood Hills High School
5400 Stirling Rd
Hollywood, FL 33021
Tel 754-323-1050 Fax 754-323-1180

Hollywood Hills High School serves a diverse population of approximately 2,200 students in grades 9 through 12.  Our school is located in Hollywood, Florida. 

In order to prepare students to live in and contribute to a changing world and engage in active, life-long learning, Hollywood Hills High School provides a balanced, varied school curriculum designed to meet the academic, cultural and social needs of individuals from the diverse backgrounds of our community.

                                                            At a Glance Information

Lourdes M. Gonzalez 754-323-1061
Phone Numbers
Main Office 754-323-1050
Main Office Fax 754-323-1180
9th Grade 754-323-1097
10th Grade 754-323-1103
11th Grade 754-323-1064
12th Grade 754-323-1053
Military Academy 754-323-1122
9th Grade Student Affairs 754-323-1097
10th Grade Student Affairs 754-323-1103
11th Grade Student Affairs 754-323-1064
12th Grade Student Affairs 754-323-1053
Military Academy 754-323-1122
Registrar 754-323-1074
Media Center 754-323-1091
ESE Office 754-323-1096
Bookkeeper 754-323-1059
Cafeteria 754-323-1060
Guidance 754-323-1075
BRACE Advisor 754-323-1107
SRO 754-323-1072
9th Grade 754-323-1097
10th Grade 754-323-1103
11th Grade 754-323-1064
12th Grade 754-323-1053
Military Academy 754-323-1122
School Hours
7:00a-3:10p (Office)
School Mascot





School Colors
The school promotes the colors of blue and orange--orange and blue being the primary colors with white accents.  The official school colors are orange and blue.  Indeed, orange and blue are one of the most distinguishable elements of the school’s identity.  Thus, the two-color signature is always preferred.  Official HHHS colors are:
Pantone 172 (orange)
PMS:    172
RGB:    255, 74, 0
CMYK: C0, M70, Y100, K0
HEX:    #FF4A00



Pantone 287 (blue)
PMS:    287
RGB:    0, 33, 165
CMYK: C100, M60, Y0, K20
HEX:    #0021A5


School Motto Pride &Desire
Crests have been used for many centuries for both families and institutions.  They are designed to express, in pictorial form, ideas that would otherwise take a great deal of explanation.  Once the crest is understood, merely seeing it brings to mind all of the elements, and their meanings.   We want our school community to see the crest, and have a visual reminder of what we are doing here at Hollywood Hills High School. 


Through the top banner, we recognize the year our school was established at its current location:  1967.  Prior to 1967, the school was located at a set of portables called "The Barracks" near the Ft Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport.


The image of the comedy mask represents the performing arts, and specifically drama.  The music note symbolyzes the fine arts, and the brushes and stencil represent the visual arts.  Examples of the spectrum of arts included in our curriculum would be music, drama, and art. 


The center of our crest and the helmet above the piece symbolize our school's mascot:  The Spartans.      


The flaming torch reflects the light of knowledge, which dispels the darkness of ignorance.  In the light of the torch, progress will be made toward the academic and vocational goals of the individual student.  


The orbital circles symbolize the sciences, the challenge of modern technology, the training needed to accept and master the challenges of new technological frontiers, and the need for continuous education.  An understanding of the sciences, which include mathematics and technology, as well as all forms of physical and biological sciences, is critical for appreciating fully the universe and ourselves.  This symbol for the sciences is paramount, the essence of what we teach as a school. 


The cap and diploma symbolize academic excellence.  They represent student achievement and study.            

School Flag
School Alma Mater
Innovation Zone
Hollywood Hills Innovation Zone

What is an Innovation Zone?

In 1991, under the leadership of Dr. Robert Parks, a plan was designed to reconfigure the educational landscape by "linking" a group of schools in the Deerfield Beach area together. This established a collaborative effort to provide better educational opportunities for students. By the time the Innovation Zone concept was brought before the School Board to be adopted as policy, it had already begun changing the face of education in Broward.

The Zones consist of a cluster of schools that includes a high school, middle school(s), elementary schools and centers. The Zones break down "barriers" and divide the District into 28 representative, responsive and manageable geographic areas while maintaining the importance and influence a big district demands.

In molding the Innovation Zone concept, the main priority was that all facets of the educational environment be addressed. Schools were organized in a feeder pattern or community-centered concept to promote a smooth, constant base of support.

By being part of an Innovation Zone, individual schools benefit through coordination, collaboration and shared decision making with other area schools. Schools are now part of a team effort and share resources to maximize opportunities and improve the education of students.

Students, parents and the community benefit in a number of ways through Innovation Zones. Zones create a bottom-up decision making process as well as provide more ways for parents to become involved in the process. In addition, the Zones have streamlined operations, created attentive administrations, and localized chains of command. By using Innovation Zones to decentralize the school system rather than breaking it into smaller districts, we remain powerful enough to meet the needs of all our students.

What schools are in Hollywood Hills' Innovation Zone?

Elementary Schools:
  • Driftwood Elementary
  • Bethune Elementary
  • Davie Elementary
  • Sheridan Hills Elementary
  • Sheridan Park Elementary
  • Stirling Elementary
  • Sanders Park Elementary

Middle Schools

  • Diftwood Middle School
  • Attucks Middle School


  • The Quest

High Schools

  • Hollywood Hills High School







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